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We have been awarded the Golfmark and Clubmark awards
having proven we are an outstanding club for both Junior and Beginner golf.

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Competitive Golf


Why do I need a handicap?

To go in for competitions you’ll need to have a handicap. It’s often a wise move anyway, as if, for example, you want to play golf on holiday or at other clubs they often require a handicap certificate. Also to play Social Golf against other members, you’ll be asked what your handicap is.


How do I get a handicap?

If have transferred from another club your current handicap certificate will be sufficient.

If you haven’t got a handicap then you need to find a marker (who must be someone with a club handicap), play three rounds off the white tees, and submit your scores from those rounds to the office. 

Before you play a round to qualify for handicap, you must have told the Pro what you are doing (to get permission to play off the white tees). You mark the top of the Scorecard “For handicap only”

If you are having difficulty finding people to mark your card for handicap purposes, ask Geoff Seed in the office and he’ll arrange for someone to go out with you.

When you have completed each round take it into the office or post in to the office post box. 


What competitions are there?

1) The Monthly Medals

Each month we have two competitions, the monthly Medal and the Mid Week Medal. During the summer they are strokeplay format, and in the winter, a format called Stableford

2) ‘Trophy’ or Board Competitions

There are over 20 competitions held during the year, of one format or another. 

Some of these are singles, and others are team events where you pair up with another golfer

They are called trophy/board competitions because you can win a trophy and have your name go up on a board in the clubhouse.

3) Matchplay

There are a number of knockout competitions throughout the year, either singles or pairs. You will need to have played in at least three competitions that qualify for handicap in the previous 12 months though. You can find out what these are in the other document the Conditions of Competition document provided in the Welcome Pack.


What do they cost?

There is usually an entry fee of £4 for a competition. In many of them there is the optional ‘ball sweep’ of £2.50 where you can ‘win’ by making a “2” on a hole. The entry fees are paid in the Pro shop on the day of competition


I still don’t understand the ball sweep’

Say there are 40 players in a competition that put in their £2.50. That makes a total prize fund of £100. If 2 players make a “2”, they share the £100 – so get £50 each. This money is added to their account at the pro shop and comes in very useful when you want to buy equipment, gloves, chocolate, drinks etc. 

It is a good idea before you tee off, to decide with your partners whether you will share any winnings. Usually you do share, because although you win less the chances of winning something is improved.


How do I put my name down for a competition?

Entry sheets for competitions are posted on the notice board in the bar. You put your name up on the sheet against an allotted time wherever there is a vacancy. There is no need to agree with your partners in advance. By the way make sure that on the day that you are on the tee at least 5 minutes before your allotted time.


Do I have to go out on the allotted times?

You may play at times other than the allotted times. However by the time you play others may be on the course playing casual or social golf, so you will have to fit in with whatever is going on the course. You should also be aware of any tee bookings by Societies etc. so check with the Pro, and with the board outside the Pro shop

Pay your entry fee at the Pro shop, and make the Pro aware that you are playing in the competition. You will need someone to mark your scores, of course, and this should be another member of the club.


I put my name up but now I find I cannot play.

As soon as you know, you MUST withdraw your entry by deleting your name from the list of entries. If you leave it to the day of the competition, it is too late, and you may incur a competition ban. If you can’t make it to the clubhouse to take your name off, ask the office, and they’ll happily do it for you.

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