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Less formal than a competition - Just turn up to play


Roll ups are back!

Starting 3rd August 2020

Roll ups are a great way to get to know other members, enjoy a friendly competitive game and drink/food afterwards, and they represent a major part of making Coombe Wood a friendly and inclusive club.  The roll ups are greatly valued by many members and since the lockdown the groups have found innovative ways to continue organising tee times, scoring updates, and the transfer of “winnings”.

With so many new members joining the club since the lockdown was eased, it is important that we welcome and encourage the new members to join the various roll ups, find a way to incorporate them into the booking system, and ensure that the rules we have adopted around social distancing, arrival at the tee etc are adhered to.

Currently, there are 4 distinct types of roll-up:

Froggs (over 55 men) - Mon, Wed & Fri (8.00 – 8.20 & 8.40 – 9.30)

Ladies - Tues (9.20 – 11.50), Fri and a newly introduced Sat (9.50 - 10.30)

Mens Mid-morning - Tues & Thurs (12:00 – 12.40) & Sat & Sun (10.40 – 11.20)

Mens Weekend Breakfast - Sat & Sun (7.40 – 8.30)

Having consulted the various groups, we are proposing that the following come into effect for a trial period from Mon, 3rd August;

Each roll-up will be formally allocated the above slots on the Intelligent Golf booking system

The co-ordinator of each roll-up should receive notification from those wishing to play in a particular roll-up by 9am (latest) on the day prior to the relevant roll-up 

The co-ordinator  will organise the groups for the roll-up and inform the participants of their groups and tee times.  If a roll-up is oversubscribed, spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis

As soon as possible after 9am on the day prior to a particular roll-up the coordinator will inform the club which slots are not required for the roll-up (if any) and those slots  will be opened up for other members to book in the usual way

The co-ordinators will provide the club with details of who is playing in each group for the purposes of track and trace.  Players must stick to the group allocated and there can be no late additions of players “rolling up” on the day

Stroke play competitions (as set out in the diary) will override the roll up allocations

For any member, new or existing who hasn’t played in any of the roll-ups, we really encourage you to try them out and get to know as many members as possible. If you would like details of who to contact in relation to a particular roll-up please contact Phil Wright at the Pro Shop.

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