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December 2023

As the year draws to a close, the rainfall figures are extraordinarily high. As soon as the drainage project finished in mid-September, we
have had some torrential downpours, and with some eager anticipation, it has allowed us to see just how effective the drainage work would be. The visible evidence is positive, and the ditch work undertaken over the summer certainly helped move the water off-site. Allowing the lower section to remain open, we were able to enjoy the glorious weather at the start of October. However, from October 12th, it has almost rained nonstop and to try and put this year’s rainfall into some sort of perspective we have had 423mm since the 18th Sept, and a whopping 975mm approx. 39 inches for the year with more yet to come. The total Rainfall for 2022 was 538mm, approx. 21 inches, and to have almost doubled last year's total in 2023 is quite staggering. To have remained open is quite something, the drainage work carried out has worked tremendously well and has been worth the

The upside of the drainage work on the lower holes I think has had a  very positive effect on the top 10 holes too. After the amount of rainfall

we have had, these holes have not seen a continual buggy ban and the use of trolleys hasn’t left or caused any real concerns. The increased
grass coverage we now have is certainly a factor and the investment in overseeding over the last three years has certainly had a big impact on
this. The increased use of a penetrating surfactant has also helped. The addition of the drainage on the lower holes, I’m sure, has affected the perched water table created by the location and geology of the site. Consequently, we have been able to maintain a better level of presentation of the 10 holes, and only the occasional use of temporary greens, for the volumes of rainfall we have had this surprised me the most.

We have been busy carrying out lots of small tasks and projects to help with the general aesthetics of the site. This entailed the removal of small gorse bushes dead trees and clearing and tidying both bomb craters, we have much more of this planned as we head into 2024. Our focus has been the leaf drop which, especially on the lower holes, has been a real challenge this year. We were able to over-seed and carry out some maintenance on the 2nd tee box, which is why it is presently covered in a growth sheet. As the weather remains mild, we will be doing some other small remedial maintenance on specific tee boxes. There are a few bigger projects to tackle. We have already started to clear the scrub located to the right of the main ditch on the 18th, revealing a clearer line of sight of the 15th hole from the tee box. We will be carrying on with this at the start of the new year with the hiring of a chipper to break down any matter required. As we do we will be revealing the grandeur of some of the old Oak trees which by the tree surgeons count, was in the region of 800 oak trees on Coombe Wood Golf Club. This is a continuation of the work we started at the
beginning of the year and the area on the 15th hole is just a continuation of this plan.

We would have liked to have already been in the ditch that runs from the school across the 16th hole to the main ditch on the 18th to start clearing the vegetation and re-establish the base. However, for us to carry this out the use of machinery is required, and the weather has played its part in preventing this from happening. This work is a priority and will be done at a point where it’s possible to do so. You will also see us working on the walkway from the 13th green to the 14th tee box and further enhancing the area to the left of the 14th hole. We will also be filling in a few bunkers, one on the 2nd hole and 2 on the 4th. In addition to this, we will be continuing to look at how we positively influence the problems presented now that the lower half is not closed despite having had nearly a year’s rainfall in 12 weeks. It’s suitable fitting that Coombe Wood Golf Club enters 2024 with the entire golf course open and that the projects undertaken in 2023 have made this possible. The potential to improve from this, for my team
and me is an exciting one. We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year and thank you for your support and appreciation for all that we do.

Richard Hill

Head Greenkeeper

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