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November 2022

We had a good October, lots of nice sunny days, warm soil temperatures and moisture, which enabled the seed we put out across the golf course to germinate with huge success. We overseeded every fairway on the top half with a double pass and the same across every approach on the golf course. We have even managed to turn the dusty old bare left side of the 7th hole green. The change from the end of August to now is truly amazing. It just goes to show how resilient grass is and that if you do a few simple things to encourage its return, it will.

As we move into November the rain chart is now littered with digits compared to the first half of the year, we’ve had around 3-4inches in 9 days. It’s always hard to truly say because of the wind but the volumes of rainfall that have fallen recently, present us with challenges. Thankfully I don’t think the aquafers on Kingston Hill are too full yet, so we have been able to stay open. The penetrants we have been able to spray out recently will also be
helping, but it’s not why I believe we are open. Only time will tell, we are expecting a warm spell at the end of the week that will act as a block to any more rain sweeping in of the Atlantic, but this won’t stay this way for long.

As you may have noticed we have started to put out posts and ropes, please respect why we have done this and where. The management of traffic and where is very important at this time of year. There will also be a post and rope going out close to the 8th green this week as we carry out some overseeding work close to the bunker, around the collar and the approach, this area will also be marked GUR.

We have been busy clearing and working on the lower half ditches, to help cope with the volumes of rainfall we have seen over the past 10 days or so. We have successfully increased the flow of the ditch that runs from the school across the 16th carry, which now has a steady constant flow into the main ditch that then runs off-site. We have had a good clear out of several pinch points on the ditch that runs alongside the 18th hole. We now
have plenty of tools to help keep all the ditches flowing. Maintaining the ditches and working to improve the flow of water will be a constant process. We have plenty of work to still do and will be working throughout the winter to stay on top of and improve them all. Please bear with us at times there will be a build-up of leaves and debris. As we have approx. 1400meters of ditches to keep clear it can take us a while to get them all into a more manageable situation. This though is our aim.

As I’m sure you are aware we are in the process of building a retaining sleeper wall at the back of the 13th tee. The groundwork was carried out last week and the installation of the uprights is the next phase of this project. The retaining sleepers will then be attached
and the soil landscaped to follow the contours of the sleeper wall. The planting of this area will be taking place later in the New Year.

Whilst we have a lot going on the leaves will continue to fall and we will be endeavouring to collect and remove these at every opportunity. This is, of course, a very time-consuming and resource-heavy task so please bear with us as we get this task completed.

I would like to end by extending my personal thanks to the members who have volunteered their time for the 'Adopt-a-hole' project. Your efforts in regards to divoting and weed removal etc save the team and I a number of hours a week allowing us the opportunity to
focus on the 'bigger' works. It is very much appreciated and we would welcome other members to pop around and discuss how they may be able to help.

Have a wonderful November and I look forward to sharing more news with you all in December, in the run-up to Christmas.

Richard Hill

Head Greenkeeper

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